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On this page is I list different tools, treatments and practitioners.  I hope, that you'll find what or who you need. I mostly link to specific tools and practitioners that I personally have used.


If ill, always start off seeing your medical doctor.
If you don't find the aid you need or aren't getting better to an extend satisfying you, you might benefit from the two categories below. The categories are tools and treatments. For some treatments I link to specific persons, who I personally find skilled. Wise interpretation of symptoms is a big part of well being - this you can become good at yourself and additionally, health professionals can help identifying your needs.

Please note, that some terms, values and focusses are essential for getting better - have a look by clicking here.




_most things can be cured with the appropriate treatment and perception?

_we’re collectively entering a holistic health paradigm?

_integrative medicine solutions are more cost-efficient and have few side effects?

_stigmatization, assumptions and lack of dialogue are shit if we wanna get wiser, healthier, heartier?

_collaboration between private and public health professions can lead to a healthier population?

_increased body-mind-soul knowledge can lead to more accurate diagnoses and treatment?

_scientific research is made in other countries for Denmark to look into?

_it is time in Denmark to build bridge and write new stories with new methods?

_a premis for getting better is presence?


could it be that


What to some seems to be supernatural is to me super natural.

The thought of a health care sector where we combine the best of so called conventional

and so called alternative medicine makes my heart beat faster.

When talking about health and illness we often tell stories about some treatment "that surprisingly works". By framing it as though the benefit of the treatment is exceptional, we can tend to perceive as just a random coincidence. By thinking of it as more random than plausible we might divert from investigating why it works and other conditions in which the treatment can benefit.

When do we stop reacting to those stories with a "that's so weird"? Explanations to so called weird things or miracles are already here - researched and conveyed by very knowledgable people in Denmark and internationally. Arvin Larsen, Gabor Mate, Deepak Chopra and Joe Dispenza to name a few.

We as citizens must also move from a perception similar to "the doctor must fix me" into oneself taking a great deal of responsibility in the process of medication and treatments. The doctor or practitioner help the citizen to a beneficial treatment by conveying tips and knowledge. The citizen must take ownership, collaborate and change unhealthy habits. Easier said than done? Maybe, maybe not.


_histological cut of a heart