bridge building




For the big change into a more coherent and cross disciplinary health care sector, which both meet the current challenges in the dominant illnesses and in the people working in the health care sector (the brave ones wanting to help and cure other people) impact must be made in different areas.

When we wisely build a sustainable bridge between so called alternative and so called conventional medicine we move into a new medical paradigm. Here is listed some of the areas impact must be made in:


_scientific research


_knowledge sharing

_information and campaigns

_language and communication


_politics and economy

Here is a link to a list of some of the people and projects that are working/moving in an integrative and cross-disciplinary way. The list is made with a big help from Astrid Marie Høeg Næraa and Nina Grønning. The list is open for you to add information and please respect the format of- and categories in the document. The list is for people moving us into a bridge building, innovative, brilliant, considerate and high-level direction of how we treat illnesses and perceive health + how we work together in the field. Currently the list is mostly focused on change makers in Denmark: